Playing against John, when he does Nappa’s 2H as I superdash in. Bananaclap.
A quick look at each other and we burst out into laughter. That move is so silly, tbh. If I see it on stream, I’m gonna lose it. We must’ve played over 75 games in the past hour, but I finally got to the point where I can actively punish that move with death.

Nappa’s standing heavy (2H) move, otherwise known as “BANANACLAP”.

I’m relatively excited for the FighterZ Pro forums/webpage to drop though. A self-sufficient project is a really nice change from the active weekly maintenance I have to put into everything else. Time to focus on my projects now. New season of West City Weekly starts on Monday too.

Crazy Filming Sessions!

West City Weekly has been a labor of love, honestly.

Despite the production cost and time, its something I look back at and just enjoy watching. The one thing I will say is JESUS CHRIST WHY DOES EACH RECORDING SESSION TAKE LIKE 4 HOURS?! It absolutely kills me!

Yesterday, we finished three-forths of the all the scenes I needed to speak for. That was a total of about 3.5 hours. Have you ever just said the E X A C T S A M E L I N E for 30 minutes straight because you’re not sure what the camera captures in “good lighting”? I HAVE.

Anyway, excluding that which has been recording/editing hell, I really think this next episode is gonna blow you guys away.