2018 Game Developers of Color Expo

I’ll be speaking on a panel called “The 128 Bit Personality” at 2018 Game Developers of Color Expo about staying visible using social media, organizing, and streaming! Be sure to tune in!

The 128 Bit Personality

In the current games space using the internet to your benefit is absolutely crucial. From twitter to to twitch, there is a large swath of opportunities out there to get noticed. At the same time many people have the same questions: How do you stand out in a sea of streamers? How do you get your videos to go viral? How can streaming benefit your game development? Should I start a twitter war with Arbys to get myself recognized? In this panel we’ll hear from professionals working in game development, marketing, community organizing and more who will discuss how they’ve succeeded in this new space.


Registration is available via EventBrite and ranges from $5 to $20. Standard tickets are $20, but $5 tickets are available for those in financial need. A full listing of events and games can be found on the official website. The event will be live streamed via the official Brooklyn Gamery YouTube starting at 11AM EDT.