West City Weekly BLOOPERS!

I’m not the best with words, at all, but for the sake of the show I genuinely try to be.
Of course, there are times where trying just isn’t enough. Here is a short compilation of all the times my best really didn’t cut it. As a word of advice, when you are recording a show in real-time, creating the best and most polished finished product that you can is important. Don’t let a few seconds of me getting frustrated and messing up deter you from trying. And with that, friends, I take my leave.

The Start of the 2018 Tournament Season

Surprisingly, my year started with the last ever Winter Brawl. I’ve definitely had a crazy few months since 2018 began, but its absolutely insane to think the one of the first majors I went to is ending. I can say, I’m very excited to see what BigEGaming will be doing with April Annihilation will amazing to see.

Some cool stuff happened this weekend: a photo shoot to get me ready for the season, my first time on commentary at a major for DBFZ, and running the Combo Queens stream. All of them went really well, in my opinion. Alexis and Andre were really positive while I was on stream and moderated Twitch chat like gods; I’m really thankful for everyone on Bifuteki for being even more fantastic than necessary that night. Cell really stepped up with Combo Queens too, providing food and drinks for us and even getting cute little flower necklaces for everyone to wear. A total of 16 women came out and we even got a bunch of pictures from EricStewart Photography for the site. Working with Carolyn and Emily on Combo Queens has been humbling and meeting even more strong women like Cell really inspires me to do even more with Combo Queens.

Combo Queens Meetup at Winter Brawl 12

I’m a dweeb but I really loved the fact we were able to get interviews with some of the girls and highlight other women in the community that are working really hard to improve the fighting game community. My favorite part was the classic FTDeath I get to play with Persia in Skullgirls at every tournament. Score at the end of the meetup was 7-20 with Persia beating me again. I’M GONNA GET THE RUNBACK EVENTUALLY. We haven’t been even since Combo Breaker 2017; the work she’s put into the game is¬†really starting to show which is so fantastic because I know she’s soooooo busy!

Now that Winter Brawl has officially christened the tournament season, I’m looking forward to my next event Final Round! I still have a few locals and weeklies that I’m going to be attending, specifically The Cave (which I managed to check out yesterday evening), but I’m focusing on West City Weekly and improving my commentary until then.

©ERICSTEWARTPHOTOGRAPHY 2018 | Photo taken by Eric Stewart

BRING IT ON, 2018!


Playing against John, when he does Nappa’s 2H as I superdash in.¬†Bananaclap.
A quick look at each other and we burst out into laughter. That move is so silly, tbh. If I see it on stream, I’m gonna lose it. We must’ve played over 75 games in the past hour, but I finally got to the point where I can actively punish that move with death.

Nappa’s standing heavy (2H) move, otherwise known as “BANANACLAP”.

I’m relatively excited for the FighterZ Pro forums/webpage to drop though. A self-sufficient project is a really nice change from the active weekly maintenance I have to put into everything else. Time to focus on my projects now. New season of West City Weekly starts on Monday too.